Yes Or No to Table Tray Home Decor


On Instagram I showed these two photos of our family room.  I asked for advise on whether I should keep or remove the table tray that holds sea shells during the Summer months. Although I know life is filled with actual important yes or no questions, I'm trying to control the little things so that the big things don't seem so overwhelming these days.


What do you think, tray or no tray?  
Right now the table tray is filled with Barbie dolls who have tried to make their home in the poor shells.  What are these Barbies are thinking?  Or rather, what are my girls thinking as they stuff their dolls as far in the conch shell as possible?  FYI, a Barbie doll can't fit into even our biggest shell. If they only knew who the prior inhabitants of these stately sea homes were I think they would go back to their 3 story, pink plastic house. (That this Mama found at a Thrift Store for $5!)

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