Tulip Time!


It's Spring which means the Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan!  Growing up in this area, Tulip Time was an exciting tradition because we got to have a half day of school, so we could either be in or go watch the parade.  Winter is over, the weather warms up, and flowers bloom. 

Every year I marvel at the gorgeous colors that light up almost every corner of our downtown and surrounding streets.  It brings me life, joy and actual healing from a Winter void of nature's most intense colors.  The diversity of color is so important to my mental health that I sometimes think we should move to a place that doesn't get so much snow.  But then, Tulip Time comes, and I am smitten and filled with hope.  Here's just a snippet of the color that inspires my artist heart..  





  • Hi Lil! You bring a smile to my heart. Hope you are well!

    Maria Kamara
  • Greetings, dear Maria! Gorgeous photos! They bring a smile to my heart— Thank You for posting.

    Lil K.

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