Thoughts on Healing


Spring in West Michigan has been breath taking.  It fills me with hope and leaves me thankful for every blessing.  Almost all in nature seems new.  Looking out our window at the trees, the changes are evident, and the beauty of Spring never disappoints.  This year I've especially appreciated the visual color therapy of the season, and the way it effects my well being and healing. 


Recently I've been  reminded how incredibly important health is to life.  I had an emergency appendectomy three weeks ago and because of this I've thought a good deal about my health, as well as my families.  I'm healing well and getting back to myself physically and emotionally.  The silver lining is that this mini crisis has made me realize I really need to start prioritizing even more time to my general health.  I thought I was by having a gym membership and eating fresh healthy foods, but I need to do more. 

Growing strong, healthy children is no small feat and I want to put the same energy and time towards my health as I do to theirs.  Now that I no longer have an appendix, this still weirds me out, I need to up the probiotics in my diet.  The kids math tutor (we homeschool, but I outsource that Algebra thank you very much) is pre-med and told me that she was just learning about the new findings surrounding the appendix.  Because I like to research I had already read that it somehow adds in the balance of good gut bacteria, and was determined to start my kefir routine again. 

Thankfully for the last 8 years or so we have gotten fresh goat's milk from a farm nearby and been able to make our own kefir.  Too many times I was lazy and let my kefir grains go but, no more.  I always feel better when I have kefir every morning.  That's one small step I'm working on and there will be more.  Is there one thing you do that makes a marked difference in how you feel and your health.  Please share, I'm on a health mission.  Be well and blessings!

xo Maria


  • Kathy, I couldn’t agree more! Working the on the exercise thing. :)

    Maria Kamara
  • As parents we tend to focus on our kids health and well-being so much it’s easy to let ours slide! Sleep and exercise are my two big must-haves. The older I get the more important my eight hours a night is to how I feel. Exercise helps me feel the stress less ;)


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