The Right Balance


I've always struggled with how much is too much when it comes to wearing jewelry, that is until recently.  Our jewelry is simple and detailed, you don't need much to make a statement wearing it and sometime less really is more. 

A few years ago I realized that for me, too much jewelry would express itself when I couldn't see the beauty of one piece because my eye was too busy taking in all that was happening with the rest of the jewelry. 

I also know too many pieces have been put on when I'm only noticing jewelry, and not the person.  When you look at someone wearing jewelry you should see them first, either their skin, their decolletage, their coloring, their smile, their eyes, their essence even and then their jewelry. 

So no more wondering about the right balance for me when it comes to jewelry.  As long as I can see me and my best features, I'm good!  Hope this helps next time you reach for another necklace.

xo  Maria  

Classic Flat Hoop. Climbing Vine Necklace and Sequin Choker.

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