It's election day.  In America only half of citizens vote, but I'm hoping today will be different.  Today I'm hoping we will decide we don't want four more years of a president who speaks and encourages hate, and isn't qualified to serve as the leader of this great country.  Our current president doesn't serve his country, or democracy, he serves himself.  A good leader serves. 

A sign of a good leader is how much they serve all those they lead. Those who look to them for safety and guidance, for wisdom and encouragement. Leadership is about service to others not self.  Joe Biden is that person. 

My family should have peace of mind living in America, and have confidence in their government. I also deserve that same peace, we all do.  We should feel safe going to the polls to cast our vote, but today I do not.  We should feel safe putting a sign in front of our house that says, Hate Has No Home Here, but I know someone who took theirs down out of fear of retaliation from there own neighbors.

America needs a leader that can unite it's people.  We need to address our shortcomings, and work together for the good of all.  We need a fresh start.  God help us to regain our footing, and fight for good. My prayer for over four years has been God have mercy on us!  I trust you God, and ask this again of you. Kyrie Eleison!

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