The Heart Always Wins

What is it about the heart symbol?  It's just well, loved.  Did a little research, couldn't help it, I'm like that, and here's what I discovered.

Heart-shaped peepal leaves were used in artistic depictions as early as the Indus River Civilisation, which was around 2000 B.C.  Before the 14th century, the heart shape was not associated with the meaning of the heart metaphor.  The familiar symbol of the heart as we know it today representing love developed in the 15th century, 

So the heart symbol has been around for a long time, and thankfully it probably won't go away, ever.


There's nothing sweeter than a heart locket and ours comes in three metals, gold-filled, rose gold-filled and sterling silver.  The Sweetheart necklace really is a great way to share the sentiment that, "you are loved", and makes perfect gifts for special occasions and milestone moments.

xo Maria

Find the Sweetheart lockets in gold-filled, rose gold-filled and sterling silver.  Find the Bella earrings here.

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