The Evolution of my Art

Recently I was asked how I come up with my paintings.  It's something I've never really considered, but I thought I would tackle the question.

As I look at my art process and how it has evolved over the years one thing stands out to me and that is, every piece of art I've ever made has come from inspiration.  If there's no inspiration, there's no art.  


My art scarves first started as paintings which first were just paint in a tube.  I chose the paint because I was inspired by the color.  Color really moves me emotionally something I've learned is not felt by everyone.  How each color was placed on the canvas all depended on my state of mind and what had made an impression on me.  A feeling, a song, the sky, another artist's work, the curves of a stairwell, it can be anything really to spark the creative process. 

Creating something beautiful means different things to everyone, but it's important to honor that desire within yourself.  I've read that when people take part in the arts they have lower levels of depression and improved feelings of self worth.  That alone should make you want to pick up a paintbrush or open up your craft box.  The pursuit of art is uniquely human and it makes our lives fuller, richer and more beautiful.

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