Sanding Our Wood Floors


It's been almost ten years since my husband and I installed hard wood flooring on most of our first level. I call it the Summer of blood, sweat and tears. The tears were all mine.  It was an incredibly hard DIY project and we never would have been able to accomplish it without a kind flooring expert allowing us to borrow his tools while he drove his son out East to Law School.



That Summer our contractor handled all of the renovation except for the floors.  We had gone over budget and frugal minded as we are decided to do the wood floors ourselves. Our contractor told us to go with solid hardwood even though the cost was more, The durability of wood and the flexibility to sand it down and refinish it when needed made it a good investment. 



Hard to believe that day has come.  Although the finish is still in good shape we were ready for a change and wanted to lighten up the house. All these years later the kids had grown and some of them could even help us. We made it a family affair.



Keeping it as stress free as possible is our main objective and we are taking our time. The details are the slowest parts of the job.  Little corners, around door moldings, and under kitchen cabinets have tested us, but we shall prevail.



I hope we're teaching our kids they can do new, and hard things with optimism and joy. When we ran the numbers for them and showed them how much money we could save by doing it ourselves, they were on board. The cost to sand 1200 sq. ft. was $3,000 with an additional cost to have it sealed. Instead we're renting our equipment and saving thousands.



To get this huge job done we rented a floor sander and a edging sander (which because it takes some upper body strength was the most difficult for me to operate) for a total of 4 days.  We also invested in a great belt sander that has worked well at touching up areas, and have used our hand sander that we purchased years ago to get to odd or small spaces of flooring. 



So far, so good on this project, and it's amazing how flooring can change the look of everything in your home. I'd forgotten how much I love a good renovation!

Hope you'll follow along as we transform the look and feel of our space. Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to try and answer them.


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