Bleached By the Sun

The sun has incredible powers.  Power over our emotions, power to grow our food, power to warm our bodies, power to light the path in front of us, and on and on and on.  So much power emanating from that burning start we obit. 

Guess what?  I use the sun in my jewelry making as well.  One of my favorite pieces of jewelry are our Antler tip necklaces.  All our antler tips are naturally shed, and some have been exposed to nature longer than others.  Each antler tip is unique in shape, and as an artist, I also like to experiment with their color as well.  That's were the sun comes in.  Antler tips are essentially bone and laying them in the sun after they've been vigorously scrubbed, gives a bleached, washed out look.The power of the sun transforms. 



As I was strolling a Florida neighborhood  I noticed the effect the sun had on my surroundings.  Living in Michigan, I don't get to see this kind of intense, relentless light much of the year.  



No wonder people are always reaching for their sunglasses in the Sunshine State.

xo Maria

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