Spring Forward

Daylight savings time today and I'm Springing forward into a new art subject, faces!  After starting to notice vague facial features in nature, shadows and objects, I felt compelled to start sketching them.  I began experimenting the last few weeks with paint and playing around with abstract ideas of what a face should consist of and look like. 

Picasso is definitely inspiration for me, even though I'm not a fan of the man himself.  I respect how he looked past what the eye could see and into more of what we sense when we look at someone.  

This nice lady needed some bling and I just happen to have plenty of that on hand so she'd well adorned.  Just having fun with moving into a new space for me as an artist.  I've never had much interest in painting people and I still want to paint with open abstraction, but I'm enjoying myself and find it refreshing to try something new as we move into the Spring season. 

Life is always shifting or changing, and so should we. 

Have a blessed Sunday friends!

xo Maria 



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