Side Table Spruce Up with Paint


This little side table was in my garage far too long waiting to be brought in and spruced up.  Weeks ago I found it looking both sad and drab at a thrift store, but knew it had such potential.  I mean just look at those lines, curves and over all good structure.  It had been hand made, and I appreciate that someone at some point took the time, and their skill to create this piece of furniture.



This is the part of the story when paint makes it's entrance. I first painted it with primer, then a light taupe color.  After that had dried I took a plastic bag and dipped it into a creamy leftover paint sample.  In fact, nothing I used was bought specifically for this project.  I simply took what was on hand and made it work.  Thanks to Molly of @thehonesthome_ for her home challenge to  make something better we already own.  I always attempt to do this, but appreciate the motivator because let's face it, sometimes it's hard to get started on a project.  



One of the best things about setting a time constraint for your project is that you don't have much time to second guess yourself.  I got this planned out and painted in one day, and I love how it turned out.  Head over to my Instagram Story Highlights to see the video of this project. 


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