Rose & Gold

When you love two metals, like rose gold and gold, it only makes sense to use them together in a piece.  That's what we did when we took a gold-filled necklace and switched out a few gold charms for rose gold ones.  It's a subtle change that makes for a beautifully unique necklace and bracelet.  

If you want something a little different and like the idea of mixing metals (I mean why not?!) then take a closer look at these two pieces.  When I'm wearing them people often do lean in to see exactly what's gong on and when they figure it out, they're delighted, which makes me happy.  

Sometimes, no almost always, it's the small things in life that make us smile.

Don't shy away from adding a twist to your accessories, it only makes wearing jewelry all the more fun!

xo Maria

You can find the Rose & Gold necklace here and the Rose & Gold bracelet here.


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