Remembering Wrinkles


Our family has never had a dog, but we had Wrinkles.  Wrinkles was my dearest friend's baby/dog and she became our dog for periods of time when we got to babysit her on and off through the years.  It's been awhile now since Wrinkles passed, and I'm struck by how often I think of her.  The death of a pet is traumatic for the owner, and my heart was broken for my friend.  I didn't realize how this very special dog would linger in my mind so much, so I thought I'd write about my favorite memories of Wrinkles

It was always a party when Wrinky came over.  I loved her stubbornness, her mushy rolls, her adorable doggy smile.  I want to remember the feeling of her sitting by my feet and leaning on my legs with her warm solid Bulldog frame.  She cracked me up jumping on the couch with her naughty plans.  She brought much laughter to life and I miss her.

 Wrinkles was an uber model of English Bulldogs.  These photos show her allowing me to dress her up in our jewelry.  Having never meet a Bulldog before her I didn't realize just how much of a beauty she was to her breed.  I do remember thinking she was the cutest puppy I'd ever seen.  Thank goodness she was, because her mother had a hella time going through puppy hood with her.



Wrinkles brought people together.  On walks she demanded that we stop and take the time to look at one another and acknowledge that we're all here together.  She had a way of asserting herself in situations as if to say, "I'm part of this community too!"   I was honored to be called her Auntie and we all loved her.  Well, not our youngest, they were too much alike, and Wrinks liked to steal food from those that were short enough to reach.  Our sons so appreciated Wrinkles ability to play.  She wasn't much into walking but she barreled around our house chasing the kids like she was a star in Doggies Gone Wild.  Wrinkles also knew how to rest, and when she did our daughter had the best companion to read to and play dolls with.  Our preschooler would enter her imagination land with Wrinkles in tow and like a good playmate Wrinkles would follow her from one spot to another plopping down beside her and listening.  Wrinkles you were such a good girl.



Having spent time with us on several occasions we all knew she liked staying at our house and being our part time pet.  She was happy at our house somewhat because we had cats, several cats.  I never feared for there safety, but man, Wrinkles would get worked up about those darn cats.  One of our cats actually liked Wrinkles and would sniff her. The rest were terrified of this emboldened dog.  and that made for some fun times for Wrinky and us.

One of the things about Wrinks I remember most was her ability to make me feel safe.  Just her presence was reassuring to me.  I liked that she'd bark a few times if someone walked by the house.  She let them know this dog was on the job, she was aware and she was going to keep us safe. 

Wrinkles taught us a lot, but for me and my family she made one thing very clear,  we needed a dog.  That day is coming soon Wrinkles.  Thank you for loving us.  Rest well sweet girl, we love you.   


  • That’s so very true Janet! Glad you liked reading Wrinkles story.

    Maria Kamara
  • Mom, I hope you like him or her when you meet your grand-doggy this Summer! :)

    Maria Kmara
  • So sweet. Talk about paving the way for another dog to enter your lives… she did a good job.

    MaryLynn Kamara
  • I like my dog more than some people lol!! Dogs change lives for the better honestly! Beautiful story! Thanks for sharing!!

    Janet M

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