Painting More Art in 2019

Once upon a time in the WordPress world, I had an art blog.  It was a journal of the first moments of sharing my art with the world.  It took a lot to step into the idea that I was an artist, but when I did, I wondered why I had waited for so long.

Self inspection and identifying your must haves in life can be a complicated process.  My years as a classically trained singer and professional musician left me with little room or time for anything else and still, my need to create found it's way into painting.  Me making room for art has proven itself vital.

As a home educator and mother of five painting has become a form of self care, but recently it's also become far to rare an occurrence..

This year I decided to get back into the habit of doing what brings me so much joy, painting!  2019 will be the year I return to playing around in the studio with color and texture.  Simply put, it makes me happy.  

How about you?  Any plans to honor what refreshes you and exhilarates your soul? 

xo  Maria


Original art by Maria Kamara

Want some of this abstract goodness in your home?  Contact me to learn more about custom art.

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