Our New Scarf Collection!

As much as I love painting and color and all things art related, I love fashion and accessories almost as much.  For years I wanted to have my original paintings digitally printed onto scarves, but it never seemed like the right time. 

Long before that I remember telling my Mom how wonderful it would be to design fabric.  Fast forward to the end of last year when we were accepted into NY NOW to meet wholesale buyers from around the country, and I knew it was the moment to make my scarves happen. 

I once read Oprah say, success equals preparation meets opportunity.  That was the case for me.  This past Summer I had done all the tedious work of getting my art photographed then calibrated as well as the right pixel formats for each scarf online. 

Looking back I'm not sure why I did this because I didn't have concrete plans to invest in my scarves, but obviously I wanted it to happen and simply started the process. Lesson learned, hope and belief in good things happening tends to yield positive results.

We found a great production company several hours from where we live that pay their employees well and ethically produce their products.  This is incredibly important to us and we're so happy with the final product as well.  Our scarves are luxurious satin charmueuse, easy to care for and the color and detail are gorgeous.  This project has been a leap of faith, and one I'm glad we took.  

Be sure to check out our new Scarf Collection.  They're a great way to welcome in Spring!

xo  Maria

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