NY NOW Summer 2019

 It's been a bit since we got back from NYC, but we had a great NY NOW Summer 2019 experience.  This is the trade show to be at for Makers and our second time around was even better than the first.  We picked up several new accounts, more on that happy news later!  I love the glass filled main entrance of the Javits.  These photos were taken before all the buyers, and most exhibitors arrived for the four day long event.  Rarely is the place this empty. 

This year my saint of a husband and helpful son drove us to NYC so we could take our hard walls along.  Hard walls give a polished look to a booth and we liked them so much we're storing them in New Jersey so we can use them for the Winter show.  Our booth is placed beside a window so we get natural light even deep within the convention hall.  My daughter Mary makes NY NOW possible by being a great trade show partner, hard working and so much fun.      




The transformation was a big one.  I planned for months for this show and thanked God when it all came together.  So excited to get new stockist and meet some incredible people along the way.  Megan Auman stopped by to say hello.  She is a talented teacher, metalsmith and mentor, love her.  We also got to chat with Valerie Mayen of Project Runway and Project Runway All Stars.  So sweet and her Yellow Cake Shop with it's slow fashion ethics is amazing.





Every morning and evening we'd walk to and from the show.  The hotel which was a mile away was great exercise and we got to enjoy the city on our walks.  I love spending time in New York.  It ended up I  took a lot of photos of buildings and architecture.  That could be a whole other post so right now just sharing a few of my favorites.    




NYC in the Summer is beautiful!  We had a little family vaca after the show ended and discovered parts of the city not on our list of to do's.  The kids got a up close look at this diverse place.  I'll be sharing those photos here eventually, but go to my IG highlights @mariakamaradesign to get a peek now.

xo, Maria   

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