Statement Earrings and Go To Necklace


Our jewelry design is made up or mostly simple, classic lines that give a beautifully refined look.  Sometime however, we get carried away with an idea and surprise ourselves with the look of a particular piece.  Most of the time we design with ourselves in mind.  Me, a middle age mom who loves fashion, but rarely has the time to think about it, and my daughter, a college student who likes trends and experiments with different looks.  Somehow we manage to find jewelry that can very easily be worn by both of us. 



For awhile Mary and I both were wanting a great pair of statement earrings based around the classic hoop design.  We ended up combining two sizes of classic hoops, a gorgeous specialty chain and sweet little charms, all in enduring gold-fill, to make an exquisite pair of earrings we call the Lucrezia earrings. * Fun fact, because Mary and I are both history nerds, Boudicca was a Celtic warrior queen!     



If you ever want to dress up your look big time without changing your clothes, these earring will do the trick.  Pair them with the, always perfect for and with anything, Circlet Necklace and, just WOW!



Our model is stunning and the eye is drawn to her face even more so because of the jewelry she's wearing. 

Find the Lucrezia earrings here and the Circlet Necklace here in our shop.

Have fun this weekend!

xo Maria

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