Mid-west Musing and a Mega Cuff

Quick popping in to show you these photos because number one, the model is the coolest, sweetest kid who I found out is both Egyptian and Dutch (gotta love God's beautiful diversity of people) and two, this bracelet is so hhhot!

It's rich raw brass and we call it the Tall Cuff,  Even better, it's made right here in the mid-west!  Speaking of the Mid-west, can I just say, Mid-western nice is truly a thing.  Heard a fascinating discussion on NPR regarding this article here and it's got me thinking once again about how I raise my kids, as well as how I was raised. 

Back to jewelry!  The necklaces are one of a kind.  If you  have an idea for a piece of jewelry, drop us an e-mail and let's get creative together.  We may be able to make your jewelry dream a reality.  

Find the Tall Cuff in our shop here.



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