Home Decor Motivation

For me the motivation behind the renovation and decorating of my home is pleasure, both mine and my families.  I really enjoy the creative process of decorating an inspiring and inviting home.  Doing so is a way for me to serve my family as well as show them my love.

Think of me as a mother bird gathering materials to build, maintain and sustain the nest where she and her mate raise their baby birds. Yes, it's in my nature, but my mother set the example of service to her family for me, so it's nurture as well. Her dedication and perseverance of service to us was beautiful, and made an impact on me.

I want my children to have memories of a welcoming, honest home that they found comfort and acceptance in.  In every childhood memory there is good and bad, and it's not my job to determine what my children remember from their childhood.  However it is my job to be aware that memories are being made right at this moment in our family, and I can mold my children's surroundings to not only be safe mentally, physically and spiritually, but also to be sweet.

Some people think that home decor is pure vanity. They are wrong. The motivation behind our homes is what really matters, and for me it's bringing peace and order to my family's life, as well as mine. 


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