When Our House Knows It's Spring

When do you know it's Spring for sure at your house?  Is it when you see your first robin, or when you notice the sun starting to rise a little earlier in the morning? Maybe you just smell it in the air, and know the seasons are changing. 

For my family Spring is a sure thing here in Michigan only when we see one beautiful sight and that's the bright, cheery yellow of the forsythia bush.  I first notice the forsythia around the beginning of April when I'm driving. You can't miss the gorgeous blooms that signal the start of one of my favorite times of year.



This huge bundle of golden goodness was a gift from my mother's garden.  Many years ago she planted several bushes and each Spring is really generous and shares them with us.



A mother knows what her children love and I could barely fit mine into our van. 




By the time I got home it was late so I gave them an overnight bath to keep them fresh.



This year was an especially large harvest of forsythia and I was able to make a huge statement bouquet, as well as fill empty pots with them on the patio.



Clipping forsythia and bringing it indoors makes for a stunning arrangement. Nothing says Spring like a happy yellow bouquet of this spikey flowering shrub, and everyone can benefit from the warm, glowing visual of the forsythia plant.



Make sure to give your branches a good clean cut so they can easily take in water and last longer. I always put a little sugar and a drop or two of bleach in my cut flower bouquets. If you're putting your forsythia in outdoor pots make sure add water before pushing the branches into the soil.



Get creative and display these beauties where ever you need some sunshine in your home.

 xo Maria


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  • I Do Love my forsythia! For three weeks now the first thing I do upon awakening (after visiting the bathroom) is go to the back window to view that glorious yellow.
    It is always a joy to share them with you. Your arrangements are beautiful, your advice on their care right on target, and your post blesses me.


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