New Art and My Hyacinth Obsession


Maybe it's the rare to nature blue violet color, or maybe it's the intoxicating sweet scent.  I'm not sure why, but come Spring I'm obsessed with getting my hands on the Blue Jacket Hyacinth. 

These flowering bulbs are incredible, and planting one in a pot at Winter's end gives such hope for the pleasantly warm days ahead.  Winter is long here in Michigan.  We need all the reminders we can find that the snow will make way for green earth.

"Hyacinth" is not only a reminder of this, but a ballad in honor of a  gorgeous flowering bulb.  It was so freeing painting it, while letting my intuition take over.  Nature is a powerful motivator.   

You can get your hands on a Blue Jacket Hyacinth that will last year round.  My Art prints come in five sizes for your home.

xo Maria

Find the at print "Hyacinth" here.

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