Furnishing Your Home with Thrifted Treasures


Happy Wednesday!  To celebrate the day, and because I think it would be fun, let's play a guessing game.  Take a close look at this photo of our foyer and tell me what item I bought new.  Every single item except one was purchased from a thrift store, antique store or second hand. 

Furnishing our home in this frugal way started back when we were just out of grad school.  We had a decor budget of $5 a week, and that was a even splurge in my husband's opinion.  Now thrifting is just my very favorite way to design and decorate our spaces because I find unique, well made, one of a kind items. 

Another reason I thrift shop is the environmental impact is lighter, and the fact that if I buy something second hand I'm not contributing to any slave labor that may have gone into the making of said product.  Research  https://slaveryfootprint.org/ for more important information on this subject.

Now back to our guessing game.  Which item did I buy new?  The gold frame!  Not the art print, that was a gift 25 years ago from the artist herself, but the frame I did buy new and had professionally framed because it meant so much to me.  I still love it to this day.  Every other piece in this photo was bought second hand. The pendant lamp and cabinetry I found at the Restore, the rug and chair were from a church thrift store, the vase and bowl I scouted out at Goodwill, and the mirror was inherited from a college apartment.  All together they add up to help form a functional foyer that greets us and our guests.  

That was a fun game, let's play again sometime!  I love to thrift shop and share how I turn my finds into furnishings that make a house a home.

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