Vintage Furniture In Home Design

I'm a huge thrifter. Give me a little hole in the wall thrift shop along with twenty minutes and you'll make me very happy.  Hunting for vintage treasure is a favorite pastime, and I especially love vintage furniture to mix with my contemporary esthetic. Awhile back I popped into one of my regular thrift stores to quick scan the aisles and found this beauty.


The dresser had beautiful lines, intricate drawer pulls, and a previous owner had a granite top made for it. Although I was tempted I couldn't think of where it could go in our home so I left it for someone else, but before leaving I took a photo.



Later that day I shared the photo of the dresser on Instagram and how I loved it, but didn't have a place for it. An IG friend who owns an antique shop mentioned it was an incredible piece and that's all I needed to hear.  The next day I went back hoping it was still there and thankfully it was!



The drawers slide very well for a piece it's age, and it holds puzzles, games and crafts for my girls. The granite top makes it the perfect place for plants without fear of ruining any wood beneath and watering is easy. Whenever I look at this little antique dresser I'm so glad it came home with me.



Finding vintage furniture is a great way to add warmth, depth and character to your home. Old pieces from the past not only bring a historic flare to your home, but they tell a story about a time gone by. Vintage furniture broadens the design scope of your spaces in an authentic way that a new piece of furniture could never accomplish. 



If you haven't been thrifting you should try! It's so much fun to discover special pieces for your home. Leave a comment and tell me your favorite thrift store furniture find.

xo Maria




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