Finding Peace At Home

Finding peace in today's world has been a challenge for me. I haven't been able to accurately put into words my feelings over the outcome of the Breonna Taylor case. To say I was devastated by the lack of justice for her, and her family, is an understatement. To say I was appalled by the hateful comments I've read online about her death would be an understatement as well.

Humanity has shown itself to be lacking in compassion for all of the world's history, but to see so much negativity and absence of kindness in my own country, and in such a short time period, has left me feeling depleted. Many times in the past few months I've tried to pray, and sometimes don't have the words to talk to my God. The beauty in this is God knows what's on my heart, and can read my mind when the words won't come.

In order to continue with our day to day responsibilities it's important to try and take control over what we actually have control over. In this situation that's my own thinking, the welfare of my family, and my own actions. I find myself drawn to home more and more. It's not just the pandemic, it's the fact that my home provides me with an incredible amount of security. I'm thankful to have a safe and comfortable space to call mine. I know that I am blessed beyond measure and I pray that others will be able to find their safe space as well.

In an attempt to control what I can, I've been thinking on how my family uses the space we have, and how best to make every inch count.  When we can begin to understand what makes us happy at home, we can then curate areas to support that happiness.  Have a blessed Sunday. 

Peace, Love and Joy!


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