Fall 2020 One Room Challenge Week 4

I feel like I'm just getting started, but it's Week 4 of the ORC which means I'm almost at the end! Real crazy how fast this has gone. Maybe it's because this is my first time participating, but the weeks have flown by.


This week I had my first real in your face, this is mess, the sky is falling (not really, just being dramatic) stumbling point on the Family Room Project.  We hung our curtain rods and I just wasn't feeling them.  I should have ordered a larger sized curtain rod, but I tried to save money, and the curtains didn't hang properly. When I started researching new rods the shipping times were making me nervous.  I hate to rush things, but it's going to be a time crunch going into the next and final week. Hopefully they'll arrive by Sunday, and I won't have to stress bout getting them up in time.

I did have some successes though!

The carpet I moved from our Main bedroom to the Family Room is working out well.  I've layered it over the sisal rug and it gives a nice contrast to it, as well as lightens up the room.


One of the focal points of our family room is a large, solidly made, vintage shelf I found. As most things in my home it has both beauty and function. I need a little more beauty as well as order though, and have plans towards that goal. 

Many years ago I painted this tall drink of water, but it had more than a few nicks and chips that signaled it was in need of a good refresh. Thankfully I was able to find the right white left over paint hidden among our many paint cans. I just touched up the spots that needed it, and this saved me lots of time!


Now that it's painted I have the fun job of filling up the shelves! Found a great price on some Meijer baskets for the bottom shelf, which will hold my daughter's toys and picture books.

Another positive that came of this week was being able to go thrift shopping several times so I came across some great pieces that I'll be using to style the bookshelf.


So to recap, I have a huge amount of work to finish in this space.  The up side is that I'll have so much to reveal to you next Thursday!

Several items I haven't even shared with you yet.  Examples being, our couch which we moved from the basement into this space,, the new lamp, and the new pillow covers! Next week there'll be lots and lots of pretty pictures.

xo, Maria

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