Little Enzo = Puppy Love



We finally did it.  We got a dog!  Well, we got a puppy and he'll turn into a dog.  Right now he's a shy little baby who pees when he gets overly excited and hides behind me when a big dog walks by our house.  This all happened less than two week ago, and life has changed a lot, just like when you take a new human baby home.  As much as I would have loved to get an older dog, with our youngest being 3 and having cats we decided a puppy was the way to go.  We named our first family pup Enzo.  His middle name is Teddy, given to him by the good people who rescued him.  Enzo is incredibly cute and social.  He and his siblings came up to Michigan from Tennessee and thankfully at our Humane Society puppies find homes within days of arriving.  We had been planning on getting our first family dog for over a year.  To now actually have him home with us is a great feeling.  The kids love him of course, and he is adjusting to his new home really well.  He's a brave little boy having to say goodbye to his brothers.  I want a law that people must get their cats and dogs spayed or neutered.


Enzo is a lab, collie mix and he does the best point!  It's adorable and he is really quiet chill for a puppy.  I had the honor or should I say, gave myself the honor of picking out the puppy and had already decided I would choose the most laid back dog of the litter.  They all pretty much went crazy when we came in the room, but Enzo was the smallest and the least rambunctious so he stood out.  Puppies are super adorable, as you know, so it wasn't an easy choice.


This is the first dog we've ever owned which is crazy because we love animal.  We love our children more though, and since we have five of them, I've had my hands full enough.  We also tend to attract cats who need homes and currently have 5 indoor outdoor cats who found us.  Yes, you read that correctly, we have five cats. We also have five heated cat beds in our garage.  Please don't tell anyone we never say, no, to a cat.  They find us, and become part of the team.  Enzo loves his kitty friends.  He's smaller then them so they put up with him, and he never barks at them.  When he sees one of the cats his little face lights up and his tail starts to wag   Hopefully the cats will eventually include him in their feline circle.       


We want Enzo to have the best doggy education possible and plan on having him take a few dog training classes.  The kids are doing a great job potty training him, but there have been accidents.  If you have any tips on raising a happy, well trained dog, please share them.  In the meantime Enzo has figured out I'm the Alpha female of this pack, and has cozied up to me and worked his way into my heart.  I think I'm in love.

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