Designing Your Home with Objects That Nurture You

Did you all have a great weekend?!  We really enjoyed ours.  I find on weekends I'm especially thankful for our home, and opportunities to surround myself with the things that help us feel safe, nurtured and hopeful. 

On a Saturday or Sunday there seems to be more time in the schedule to take a little more care of our spaces, to spruce up and tidy.  I like to take a step back and access what material objects really bring me hope and happiness. 

This Liberian wood carving of a woman gracefully carrying a jar of water on her head, and her baby on her back, is one of those pieces for me. It makes me think of the grandmother I never knew, and the place my father called home, Liberia, West Africa. Having it in my space for my children to see, nurtures me, and gives me strength!

Is there part of your history you can display in your home that would bring you strength and hope? Take some time to consider what that might be, and how it could be implemented into your living areas.

xo Maria

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