Three Sizes of the Belief Square Scarf

Belief 36"x36" Satin Charmeuse Square Scarf


Which do you wear more often, a square scarf or a long rectangle shaped scarf?  Probably a rectangle scarf, right?  Me too, mostly because there just seems to be more of them, but also they're easy to just throw on and head out the door.  Lately though this is changing as I've learned how to tie square scarves and easily incorporate wearing them into my wardrobe.  Turns out I love a square scarf!  Here are three sizes and just a few ways I like to wear them.  


Belief 26"x26" Satin Charmeuse Square Scarf 


Belief 16"x16" Square Satin Charmeuse Scarf


Square scarves are very versatile, and as an artist it's a shape that I really like to use when paining.  My original painting "Belief" was painted as a gift of encouragement for a friend during a really difficult time for her.  At some point we all need to renew our belief in both our Creator and ourselves, and I wanted this piece to be a reminder of her own belief in God, as well as encouragement to believe in her strength and abilities to overcome adversity.  


 Belief 36"x36" Satin Charmeuse Square Scarf


The painting "Belief" holds a lot of depth and layering which I love because again, it represents the feminine spirit.  We as women carry both depth and layers of dynamic characteristics that make us uniquely qualified to not only survive, but thrive. 


Belief Original Painting Art Print


 Belief in your Creator and belief in yourself, don't let go of either.  Let them encourage and propel you on to your life's calling. 

xo  Maria


Find "Belief" the scarf here and "Belief" the art print here.

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