Beholding Beauty

 "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." 

This statement is profoundly true!  We all have the right to search and find the beauty God has placed around us.  It's everywhere and uniquely different for everyone. 


 Citrus Crush  -Maria Kamara

Whether it's people, art, poetry, architecture, fashion, music or nature, I'm inspired by what catches my breath and lifts my heart.  Spiritually beautiful moments are especially important to me to bring hope and inspiration and I look for them daily.


Niagara Falls Canada                                                                                               
This blog is a collection of the beauty I've created in my work as well as that I've seen in the world.  I hope you'll follow along and find delight and encouragement here.
Jewelry designer and artist Maria Kamara is mama to 5 homeschooled
loves and married to Mr. Handsome.  

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