Before and After Command Center Shelving

Many years ago when we renovated our kitchen, we removed several cabinets, and donated them to the Habitat for Humanity Restore. I'm always trying to repurpose things, and use what we have, not only to save money, but because it's good for the environment. Keeping this in mind, I decided to take one of the upper cabinets that we removed, and turn it into a bookshelf for our kitchen.

Repurposed Kitchen Cabinet



I wanted it to be counter height so we added a wood base making it as tall as needed, and then used leftover butcher block counters from our island countertops to form the surface. You can read about our incredibly budget-friendly kitchen countertops here.


Command Center Bookshelf

We called this area of our kitchen the command center, and it served our purposes for several years. This area consisted of only a shelf, but expanded as our growing family did when we placed an unused computer armoire next to it.  More on that transformation later.

Our command center bookshelves have suffered some wear and tear over the last eight years by our family of seven, but instead of dumping them into a landfill we reinforced, and painted them and recently added molding for a more finished look.  The shelf is directly across from our dining table were wicker baskets hold books, our devotions, notebooks cloth napkins, and candle holders. 

No Cost Project

(Demo Cabinet, Leftover Paint & Countertop Remnants)
This was a super easy mini makeover, and has taught our kids to be resourceful by using what we have. Hopefully it has also encouraged them to use their creative power to make anything more beautiful.
On a side note, the dried flowers in the last photo are Chinese Lanterns.  My Mom grows these in her lovely garden each year and gave me some to dry.  I tied them in a bouquet and hung them upside down in our foyer on a light pendant for a few weeks.  They hardened and are now an unique Fall floral arrangement in a thrifted wood vase.
If you're interested in learning more about the Habitat for Humanity Restore which is an awesome organization on so many levels, go here.

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