Bangle Cuff Bracelets Forever


What's been around longer than a great cuff bracelet?  The answer, not too much.  As early as 50,000 B.C the relics of copper cuff bracelets were found in the Middle East and Europe.  Later from the Egyptians to the Vikings to the present, the cuff has stayed a staple of the jewelry world.  What jewelry artifacts show us is long before we were here our ancestors, from all parts of the world, created and loved a good cuff.   



Today we're excited to be offering these gorgeous brass cuff bracelets, handmade in the U.S.A. and formed from rich low brass.  I'll be wearing my cuffs year round.  We have them in four sizes and the smaller sizes are perfect for layering with smaller chains or beaded bracelets.  Cuffs are such a pretty look alone or with other bracelet friends.  They're a great jewelry example of strong femininity.




I love the uncomplicated design of these cuffs.  They're easy to slip on and simple in form, but create an incredibly stunning look.  When you wear these cuffs you will be noticed, and that's exactly what our ancestors were going for.

xo  Maria      


These brass cuffs come in five sizes!  Find them from largest to smallest, here, here, herehere and here.

photos by Lara Parent Photography

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