After that Day at the Capital

Where were you when you learned the Capital had been attached and breached by an angry Trump mob? I was sitting right here on my bed looking at the computer screen in shock. Certain the police or National Guard would role in at any moment and clear things up. They never did. If they had been Black my teen son said, the police would have already mowed them down. He's was right.

Someday my grandchildren will learn of the day our Capital was breached by angry, violent Americans.  The videos are coming out and it is horrific to watch domestic terrorists and radicalized Christians desecrating our nation over a lie.  After that day at the Capital what do we do and where to we go?  I can't imagine a more significant question to ask ourselves right now. 

The election was legitimate, fair and clear.  President elect Joe Biden will be our new president. The cult of Trump will never accept this fact, but it is fact and we as a country are going to move on.

My children will live in a nation divided for the next several years.  Still I must hope and do hope that we will find a way to come together as one, as Americans. We call home this amazing place where democracy was invented and then protected for well over two-hundred years.  It's worth working hard to keep it alive.

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