Adding Color with Scarves


Whenever I see blue and white together my designer heart say, "yes thank you".  There are so many shades and hues of blue it never gets old.  I was on a big blue and white kick when I painted the piece. Noted

As I worked I remember feeling unusually free during my practice of painting.  As a musician for most of my life, much time and energy is spent getting the music perfect, but with painting I've tried to do the opposite.  Instead of perfection I move toward release and revelation.  Instead of being the servant of the notes on a musical staff, paint and I are partners in a dance of expression. 

The brush strokes of this painting were similar to musical notes in shape, but instead of dictating my action I was allowed liberty on the canvas.  My art and wearable art come with a story, and I really do appreciate you listening to mine. 

xo  Maria

Find the Art scarf Noted Art here.

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