A New Old Painting

I think this painting was started about five years ago.  I've just finished it now!  Honestly, it got put away in the studio and forgotten in a cabinet.  Coming back to it was so easy, and a delight to paint really.  If only all paintings could be so effortless.  Maybe I should begin then forget about a painting, and wait five years to finish it as part of my process?  Ha!

Having rediscovered this piece makes me think about how much has happened in the last five years.  God, the author of change, has been at work in my life and instead of running from change, which in my experience never works, I want to receive it with thanks.

Thinking back five years, what are some things you can celebrate that have changed?  Identifying and giving thanks for a life transitions can lead to feelings of peace and contentment.  Five years ago I was praying for a baby.  That baby is going to be four next month.  Even though she is our fifth child, she has taught me things about motherhood I never knew I needed to know.  My youngest has challenged me to grow as a mom, and helped me to be less judgmental.  She's changed my life, and my family's life for the better, forever. 

So much can change in five years.  Time to start another painting.

xo, Maria    


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